How to Use Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit – User Manual

Using Atopack Dolphin
Power on / off: Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession to activate the LED flashes 5 times Smok Vape Pen . Press the fire button the same way, it will be off.

Soak JVIC coil: Remove the JVIC coil and drip a few drops of re-liquid it contains.
E-filling liquid: Open the lid and inject the liquid into e-directly.
Note: Please do not overfill to avoid overflow.
Vaping: Insert JVIC reel in the cartridge. Place the cartridge in the battery. Press the button to inhale, exhale to release.
JVIC coil replacement:
Remove the cartridge and remove the coil JVIC to replace or clean.
(Note: Please do not wash the spray head with water just wipe with a cloth dry cleaning.). Kangvape Vape

Load: Just load the DOLOHIN ATOPACH by connecting it to a computer or a wall adapter via a USB cable. When it is fully charged, the light stays on for 10 seconds and then go out.

Short circuit protection:

  1. At short-circuit occurs before operation, the LED blinks 5 times and the coils of the apparatus itself MOTI Piin Vape
  2. When the short circuit occurs during operation, the LED flashes three times and output cuts off automatically.

Protection Spray:
The ATOPACK DOLPHIN has a 10-second run time protection. The light flashes 10 times if the button is pressed the fire for more than 10 seconds.

Low voltage protection:
When the voltage drops of the battery lower than 3.3V, the indicator light flashes 40 times and the apparatus is turned off. Just load to light.

Detection of resistance:

  1. When resistance to the outlet end is> 3ohm, the indicator light flashes slowly if you press the fire button.
  2. When the resistance to the exit end is <0.15ohm, the LED blinks rapidly 5 times, suggesting ohm is a short circuit or low potential.

battery indication:
The light indicates that the life of the battery as follows:

Battery using:

  1. Please use the correct charging equipment from reputable suppliers.
  2. Please put the batteries on a hard surface while charging.
  3. Please turn off the device when it is not used.
  4. Do not let the battery charging unattended.
  5. Do not expose the battery to extreme heat, cold or direct sun light.
  6. Keep away water or other liquid.
  7. MOTI Replacement Pre-filled Pod 1.8ml 3PCs English Edition


  1. Do not use the device in stormy weather or dust state.
  2. Connect the USB port and charger correctly. Unplug the charger when charging is complete.
  3. Do not put the device in your pocket or purse directly; do not mix with coins, jewelry or other hard objects.
  4. The charger and the battery may become warm during charging, keep out of the flammable gas, liquid or other


  1. Keep out of reach of children Vaporesso Luxe S 220W
  2. This device is not recommended for children under 18 or non-smoking.
  3. This device is not suitable for use by pregnant or nursing women.
  4. This device is not suitable for use by who are allergic or sensitive to nicotine or those who can not use nicotine products for health reasons.


  1. have your device repaired by Joyetech. Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself as damage or injury can occur
  2. Do not leave the unit in high temperature or humid conditions as this could damage the unit. The proper operating temperature ranges from 0 to 45 ℃ ℃ during loading and -10 ℃ 60 ℃ during use.
  3. Do not try to combine the device with parts other e-cigarette brands. Joyetech will not responsibility and the warranty is void if damage this way.

Warranty conditions:
Please refer to your product warranty card Joyetech. We are not responsible for any damage caused by user error. Our warranty is valid for products purchased from third party suppliers.
Joyrtech agree to provide warranty service under the following conditions:

  1. This warranty provides free repair of the charge for the goods of the band Joyetech defective. The warranty period is 90 days from the date of purchase by

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How to Use IJOY CAPO 216 Squonk Mod – User Manual

Thank you for choosing IJOY! Please read this manual to ensure proper use. For more information about this product or use, please consult your dealer or local IJOY visit our website

Product presentation:

CAPO IJOY Squonk box mod 216 is the first and smallest box double Squonk 20700 mod! Long battery life, stylish, personalized shot button and battery cover with a handy adjustable controls lock design, large screen OLED and high power 5-216W adjustable, simple and safe operation. Suitable for RDA with large diameter support USB fast charging. Adopt transparent silicone + ABS combination of hard and soft ecological Squonk special bottle, effectively prevent accidental leakage of compression dismantling! Users can also use the 18650-18650 of the adapter.


1 * 216 IJOY CAPO Squonk BOX MOD

1 * Warranty Card

1 * USB Cable

1 * Manual

• Screen size: 0.66 “0LED.
• Size: 45 * S * 83.S /1.783.292.0 1.25 inches.
• Output Power: 5Watts-216watts
• Output voltage: O.SVolts-8.0Volts.
• Output Current: 1.0A-36A.
• Temperature: 300-600’F / s 150-31 “C.
• The wire control mode Power Resistance Range: 0.06ohm-3.0ohm
• Energy efficiency: 95%.

• Method of Fire: stainless steel metal button drawing.
• Set the feeding method: and down button.
• Upgradeable Firmware: Yes.
• Output mode: / TI / VW mode Ni / SS and special user
• Cell type: IJOY Mystique Tank
20700 High Speed ​​cells (discharge current must be greater than 40A) 18650 high speed cell with the help of battery sleeve (discharge current must be greater than 35A)

Operation instruction:

  1. Batteries lnstalling

Open the battery cover, insert two 20700 batteries into the battery slot, please pay attention to the positive and negative electrodes. You can also use 18650 battery sleeve.

  1. On / Off

Press the shutter button 5 times quickly to turn the unit on and off. After ignition, uoy OLED logo and the version number of the software on standby AGAIN DTL DISPOSABLE

Please adjust the power in an appropriate range to match the aerosol is used before use.
When a new atomizer is connected, please press the “+” key and – for the initial value of the resistance temperature calibration) »»

  1. vaping
    While the power is on, just keep pressing the shutter button of the vaporizer
    (Starting time: 10 seconds)
    While the power is on, the OLED display default display mode VW.
  2. menu

Press the shutter button 3 times in 2 seconds to enter any device menu, then go to the menu operation, the +/- button does not move menu shutter button to confirm.

  1. Mode Temp Ni / Ti / SS
  2. Temperature of the information display screen control mode (work of power, resistance, voltage, operating temperature, and battery power)
  3. Press + and – to increase and decrease, shutter button to confirm, then you can move to adjust the temperature or power Smoant Karat Replacement Pod .
  4. VWMode

The predetermined power is 85 W output power can be adjusted from 5W-216W by pressing the control, +: to increase and decrease.

  1. Setup Mode

In entering this mode, the display NORMA / hard / soft management mode temperature control:

• Normal mode: This is your current power chosen before
• difficult mode: Powerful + 30% before establishing his power.
• The soft mode: setting power of 20% before its power Uwell Caliburn KOKO .

Setting the ECA?

From the main menu, go to the display mode “CRT”, press the button to confirm the fire. Press the left / right keys to select certain parameters.

How to identify the new and the same coil

When removing and reinstalling a way of controlling the temperature of the tank, please press the0-0button to confirm (same coil) if the coil is used above, please press The0 + “to confirm (new coil) if the coil is new Uwell Amulet Replacement

  1. Charging via USB?

When the voltage is less than 3.3 V, the display shows “low battery”, then you need to charge your device, connect the device via the USB cable to the computer or AC adapter. You can not vape for chargin