Vaporesso GTX kit that is easy to use, small tank, and spray kits are compatible with this mod Vaporesso GTX coils. This coil is electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) rich new impetus, clouds, with any E-liquid flavor.

This kit will hold as device (MTL) mouth into the lungs, suitable for vapers who like steam inhalation and shortly thereafter in his mouth before they inhaled into the lungs. One reason is suitable for vaping MTL because GTX tank 18th

Renova Zero Vape Pod System has a capacity of e-liquid small (3 ml) as MTL when Vape, usually at lower power and thus retail e-liquid past. Also, it has a narrow tip drops (mouth), the close relationship, similar to a conventional cigarette helps to achieve. However, there is, has the airflow control so that the voltage of your drawing can customize to your liking.

LOW and easy to use Watt MOD
This mod is definitely for those who are new in tanks and Mod kit. It has a maximum power of 40W tailored suit his style evaporator coils. It also displays a very simple menu value no exaggeration or amended.

Do not think that this little bad boy though fast charge runs out! It is designed with a built-in 2000mAh battery, which is so great that if it is day evaporate at low power. If you will be out of power off, 2 amp fast charge peak has in a short period through the charging cable Type-C.

If you are looking for a simple set that has a little more power than a standard kit pod, look no further. This is a lovely little gem of Vaporesso vape.

Do the washing up

This kit is compatible with coils GTX, but only three of the following would fit on the GTX tank Please plan to do this 18 to order the replacement coils.

0.6 ohm (20-30W)
0.8 ohm (12-20W)
1.2 Ohm (8-12W).
Dimensions: 127.5 x 29.3 x 22.7mm
Screen: 0.69 inch TFT screen
Battery: built-in 2000mAh
Coil resistance 0.8 ohms GTX power coil (12-20W); GTX 1.2 ohm coil (8-12W)
Output Power: 5-40W
Load current: 2A
Type C USB
Tank volume: 3 ml
Vaporesso GTX One Mod
GTX tank 18 (3 ml)
Network GTX (preinstalled) 0.8-ohm coil
GTX 1.2 ohms coil Regular
Charging cable type C
Replacement pipe 2 ml glass
operation manual
warranty card
Replacement O-ring

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