Vaporesso Revenger Kit Specs and Features

It feels like we have waited for this moment for a long time. Vaporesso released their first product hit 200 watts and more – the Avenger kit. This mod dual-18650 is combined with the tank NRG new. Using the same great functionality of their OMNI Consulting, mod Avenger also offers internal charge via Vaporesso, and even a nifty screensaver for when you are not there vaping. NRG tank is mated to a new family of low resistance, sub-ohm coils – Cores GT. It looks a bit like Vaporesso want to take a piece of pie for SMOK. The Avenger kit is currently in pre-sale, with prices ranging from $ 65 to $ 90.

TRY Avenger kit and see what all the fuss.

Disclaimer: We received the Avenger kit Vaporesso the purpose of this review.
Vaporesso Avenger kit specs and features
Kit Contents
Avenger Model Specifications
Specifications NRG tank
notable Notes
Manufacturing quality
straight out of the box, the Avenger model impresses with its bright color accents and beveled edges. Having seen and treated some of the previous beta, I can now say that the mod feels solid and well made. The device is largely free of any rattle button, except for the slightest jiggle from the main power / shooting button when the shakes. The up / down and option buttons are located on the front of the machine under the 0.96-inch OLED screen and feel comfortable. All mod buttons have a short range and the firing button is nice and clicky.

I notice any problems with the thread 510 is on the mod Avenger or NRG tank, though a small difference is noticeable between the tank and mod on the samples we received.

The tank NRG may have taken inspiration from SMOK TFV8 / 12 family and built what they call the drag-n-Fill. Delrin top cap slides from the reservoir to reveal a filling opening of the kidney-shaped juice. The port is 3 mm wide, large enough to accommodate most of the nozzles. The tip of the drop of large diameter has a built-mesh filter, to prevent hot SpitBack. If you do not like it, you can take advanced drip and exchange it for Goon style, or 810 others. Note however that they close if they have good outward face O-rings.

Meanwhile, Vaporesso also released a version of vaporesso gen mod NRG tank for EU customers PDT compliant. The capacity is a thin 2 ml, the vessel dimensions are smaller, and the peak dropwise was reduced to a scale 510.

Vaporesso launched a new family of coils pair with NRG tank called Kernels GT. They come in five variations, although the ships Avenger kit with two of them to get you started. Again, with their ranges of power in watts and printed “best” parameters, I feel a shift to the sub-ohm SMOK style, performance swag mod here. They SS coils, so you can use them in CV mode, although you would not know it – anywhere in their literature Vaporesso mentioned that. Shout out to Mike fried to make the field work on this in its review.

The gate of the magnetic drum is the rear panel of Vengeur identical to without prior OLED display and buttons. The rod 510 is located at the top center of the mod. This means that you can adapt to any atomizer up vaporesso target to 27 mm without problems overhang. The sample is located on a flat surface with a little jitter. I would put that up a slight overhang between the rear panel,

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